About Us


Welcome to Uncle Wang Restaurant, a uniquely crafted modern Chinese culinary paradise, created for you. The owner of Uncle Wang treats every dining guest as if they were family, just like an uncle caring for his loved ones. This philosophy that “every guest is family” is not only our guiding principle but also the inspiration behind the UNCLE Wang name. Our head chef is an exceptionally creative young talent who is familiar with various international culinary styles. Our kitchen team ingeniously blends Chinese, Korean, and Western cooking techniques to create a unique modern Chinese menu, while still preserving the original flavors of Chinese cuisine, introducing a chic modern twist! In addition to offering unique mainstream Chinese cuisine, UNCLE WANG also deeply respects the dietary needs of different religious beliefs, allergens, and personal choices and focuses on providing stylish dishes for each person’s needs. We strive to satisfy the taste buds of a diverse audience while strictly ensuring food safety. We hope that every guest who visits feels like experiencing the warmth and hospitality of being at home and we look forward to you enjoying every moment spent with UNCLE WANG.